Crystals have been raved about for thousands of years due to their ability to heal,protect, and adorn. One of the first written records of the use of crystals is found in the bible. 

Use  of crystals in the bible, is found in Exodus, in which The High Preist, Aaron, was recorded to have a bag that hung around his neck on his chest, which carried 12 stones inside. 

Some of the recognizable stones found in his breastplate were amethyst, topaz, and turqoiuse. It was beleived that these stones were created by God to provide divine protection and insight.

Egypt also benefited from the use of crystals from as far back as 4500 BCE. Crystals were a staple in egypt for many purposes including spiritual, protective, physical healing, and decorative. 
Lapis Lazuli was the most widely used stone in egypt, because of its sacred and spiritual insight. Turquoise, Tigers Eye, and Carnelian were also used as protective stones in ancient egyptian times. 

Greece, India, Germany, Africa, and Locations in South America , as well as Mexico, also have historically used crystals for various purposes. 

More information about crystals and their history can be found in nationally recognized museums, and encyclopedias.