Hello Visitor! 
We are so happy to receive you! Bleumuses.com was created by Lorri Love LLC, in July of 2020, as an extension of what we love and represent: Mental health advocacy and practical self-care routines that lead to a more positive and passionate outlook on life. 

Bleu Muses sole intention is to inspire, ignite creativity, spread wellness awareness, and provide our clients with uplifting energy in the form of crystal bracelets and necklaces, as well as additional products and services we find empowering towards the human experience. 

We beleive that every human being has a unique gift and purpose in life that should be discovered, and expressed to improve quality of life. We also know that along the way of discovering ourselves, learning about what excites us, and accomplishing our goals, real life happens. Challenges occur, yet we find the will to overcome them and rise. Each individual experience transforms us and provides learning opportunities.  

We have experienced the beauty of how crystals can help elevate our natural frequency on many different levels and wanted to share this with others who are also on the journey of connecting with their highest selves. 

We chose the name Bleu Muses, as reminder that we all have an innate nature within us that can be full of wisdom,adventure, integrity, peace, and confidence.
Bleu, represents staying commited, dedicated, and genuine in your pursuit of authenticity. Muses, is a reminder to always find inspiration to continue expanding your gifts and your impact on earth. 

We combined these two words to represent our communities will to consistently remain inspired and commited to their growth.

Our hand-made crystal bracelets are made by us, and infused with healing energies of love, light, and positive frequency during the process.

We search across the globe for sustainabe and ethically sourced crystal beads that are of high vibration and quality. 

We do not sell low-grade or imitation crystals.